Four Corners Winter Design Trends 2017

Winter Trends 2017

By Olivia Lucas-Ulyat

Had enough of metallic Pineapples, pink flamingo’s and accent coppers?
As we say good bye to last season’s trends, we say hello to winters cosy Interior comforts.

Fresh and crisp colours

Simple and sophisticated palettes of winter morning greys and crisp, fresh whites provide a calming, neutral back drop for bolder elements within the design. The Little Greene Paint Company Ltd’s new paint collection with English Heritage highlights the desire to create tranquil interior spaces. Mix these colours with a Four Corners Quaker style door and an Oak, Ash or a stone worksurface to produce a timeless, elegant piece of furniture suitable for all rooms of the house.


Botanical and Grey Wall papers are the core trend for this season, running through into 2018. Wall paper adds personality, colour and texture to a room. It is a great way to reflect personal style and with the new trends of botanical floral prints; a bit of a romantic element is added on top. Wall paper is a great alternative for those large wall’s which will be just too boring to paint! To produce a light refreshing feel within an interior; reflect the lighter colour in the wallpaper in paint colours. To produce a more dramatic effect pick out the darker colours in the wall paper to mirror on the walls. Heading into 2018 we’re going to see more bold and messy patterns.

Brave and Bold

We have seen an increase in brave and bold colour choices through out the year including the dark green’s which shows no signs of disappearing in 2018. Green adds personality and peacefulness to any room it seems to encompass. Add clever lighting with warm metals tones like gold and brass. Within the bedroom there’s nothing quite like rich greens to rejuvenate the room. Velvet green throw soft furnishings and contrasting black and white geometric patterned bedding provide the ultimate in chic.

Four Corners Winter Trends 2017

Four Corners

Mother Nature

The use of natural materials to soften the greys, whites and deep hues of interiors is becoming more and more popular towards the end of 2017. Organic ceramics, white jugs, light toned timbers, soft linens and faux furs add earthy and cosy textures.
Marble continues to dominate interior spaces with imitations of the product forming in Quartz and Dekton to make a less porous and more hard wearing work surface for bathrooms and kitchens. Marble is also seen expanding into smaller

Plant Life

House Plants are back! Out door plants are now coming in doors to bring a sense of nature into the home however not so much as a window sill decoration. Large, tropical plants are great for hard to dress corners. Cactus’ are still a popular plant of choice being easy to maintain. Not only helping with airflow the Greenery adds the final flourish to an interior. If you are not very green fingered, there are plenty of artificial alternatives to add a piece of green into your interior. Go bold and go Green!

Four Corners Winter Design Trends 2017

Four Corners