Last year we helped the Evans family transform their home with a state of the art kitchen and bespoke furniture pieces. However, there was much more to Steve and Celine Evans home renovation project than just a new kitchen. They took on a colossal project, and with the help of George Clarke and the Channel 4 Ugly House to Lovely House team, they renovated the entire property from top to bottom, inside and out, turning the ugliest house on the street to the most jaw dropping.

Find out more about their journey below.

ugly house lovely house kitchenugly house lovely house kitchen


Celine and Steve Evans inherited this 1960’s A-frame property a few years ago from an old family friend.  Although it held fond childhood memories for Celine, after being left mostly untouched for the best part of 50 years and with much of the original decor still intact, it had certainly seen better days.

They wanted to find a way to bring the house into modern life and achieve something innovative, so enlisted the help of the Ugly House to Lovely House team including George Clarke.

One aspect of the house that was extremely important to get right for Celine and Steve was the kitchen. The houses original pint sized kitchen was simply not able to keep up with the demands of 21st century family life, so they were looking for something that was big, practical and had the wow factor.


After looking for quite some time Celine and Steve, had been struggling to find just the right kitchen to achieve the style they really wanted. However, one day Celine found herself driving into Stratford along the Birmingham Road and saw a sign saying ‘Four Corners Bespoke Kitchens’ so made the decision to turn in.

Walking through the door of the showroom, Celine immediately saw the Ashworth style kitchen and knew it was just what they had been looking for. They had been looking at a particular worktop prior to coming across Four Corners, and this worktop just so happened to be on the Ashworth kitchen in the showroom. Seeing the cabinets they had been searching for and worktop they loved together for the first time convinced Celine that this was the kitchen for them.

Our senior designer Olivia was on hand to discuss ideas and offer a rough approximation of costs which fitted within the Evans’ budget. The Evans  met most of the Four Corners team throughout the design process, and we all endeavoured to go above and beyond to help them achieve their dream. Steve and Celine loved the quality of the kitchen and the fact that it was bespoke was important to make the most of their quirky space. So all of this made it the right decision for them, as well as knowing their kitchen was unique and nobody would have the same.

Askworth Kitchen ugly house to lovely house
ugly house to lovely house kitchen design


When it came to the kitchen, although Celine and Steve had already fallen in love, their architect needed to as well. On a subsequent visit, James our owner, spent a lot of time with the Evans’ and their architect, discussing ideas and how a design would work and this meeting convinced the architect that this was right kitchen for the house too.

Now all on board, it was time to get designing. Originally an L shaped kitchen design was put forward by the architect, but this design wasn’t working for Celine and Steve. They loved the practicality of a galley kitchen and wanted to incorporate this into their new space, however with the shape of the room this was proving difficult to achieve. After much deliberation the final design went on to feature a stunning yet colossal double sided island, which we were extremely excited to begin working on.

The Evans’ also wanted to incorporate painted floor to ceiling cabinets into their design, and loved the ones they saw in both our Broadway and Stratford showrooms.  At first they were looking for a grey tone, which was their architect’s recommendation. He had stressed the importance for the painted cabinets in the kitchen, to tone with the wood, the worktop, the floor tile and the outside brick.

We helped the Evans’ come to a decision they loved by painting samples of many different shades of grey, so they could put them in situ to help form the decision. However, they then decided that they wanted to go for a stronger paint colour that would add some additional wow factor. After trying multiple shades of blue, they eventually took the leap and went for a rich hue of burgundy. Putting the painted sample next to the brick, Ashworth and marble sample made it apparent that it worked much better than the blue shades.

ugly house to lovely house kitchen
ugly house to lovely house
ugly house to lovely house kitchen


Now what a kitchen this is and, the Evans family couldn’t be happier with the result. Once they had settled into their beautiful new home, we asked them some burning questions, including the most important question of all…

Q&A with Celine and Steve…

Would you do it all again?

If you had asked us this question six months ago, we would have certainly said no, but never say never. I think if we were to do it again, we’d probably do it in stages but for now we’re happy just to enjoy our lovely new home and kitchen.

What is your favourite feature in your new kitchen?

I’m not sure where to start as I love it all.

As you enter the kitchen it is the striking marble worktop which takes your eye along to the brass strip, which is the seam between the marble and the beautiful, floating, wooden breakfast bar.  When sitting at the breakfast bar, again the marble takes your eye to the end where it contrasts with the rich, burgundy painted tall cabinets.

My personal delight is our breakfast cabinet. I remember the cabinet arriving on site and Seb the Four Corners kitchen fitter routing the handles of the drawers as well as routing the shelves so that I could fit my breakfast appliances and I was so impressed how quickly and beautifully he made it look. Every day I open the cupboard and I appreciate the craft that went into it, I love it!

Now we’ve been living in the kitchen for nearly a year, we have properly tested it out and there is not one thing we would change about it. It works functionally and looks beautiful.

What was the most exciting part of the process?

Seeing the rooms take shape and having the glazing fitted was very exciting. The impact of seeing windows in situ can’t be underestimated. It suddenly felt as if we were near the end, of course we weren’t but we didn’t know that at that stage. Having the kitchen fitted a few months later was the next exciting part as it really did feel like we were on the home run and it looked so beautiful we just wanted to use it!

Where there any hiccups along the way?

Early on we decided that the breakfast bar would be the same wood as the Ashworth kitchen

but the challenge was how to fix it to the marble worktop at the same level. Just to add to the challenge, we didn’t want any legs. I think most kitchen designers would have told us it was not possible but not once did Four Corners ever infer that. I know James and the team put a lot of effort to find a way to support this breakfast bar and finally decided on a cantilever construction. The result is this very heavy solid piece of wood gives the appearance of floating into the space at the end of our kitchen; it is beautiful!

I have to be honest though, I never felt there was a hiccup because of the positive “can do” approach from the Four Corners team, but I guess behind the scenes it was probably a headache for them which they never showed.

Would you recommend Four Corners?

Most definitely and we already

have on countless occasions. A lot of people who have seen our kitchen absolutely love it and we are so happy to be able to recommend Four Corners. Even members of the TV production crew who I imagine have seen countless kitchens commented on how lovely our kitchen was. When eventually we need a new kitchen, if we move or for whatever reason, we are definitely returning to Four Corners.

Four Corners also made our bathroom vanity units in the Ashworth style and they look beautiful with the marble top. Another bespoke piece made by Four Corners, that is a favourite of ours is the dining table; it is stunning.

Steve and I are so appreciative of the skill and, quality of the work of all our furniture which Four Corners made for us and the pieces look beautiful.

ugly house to lovely house kitchen
ugly house to lovely house kitchen
ugly house to lovely house kitchen
ugly house to lovely house kitchen
ugly house to lovey house table
ugly house to lovely house
ugly house to lovely house
ugly house to lovely house kitchen

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