Four Corners Must Have Appliances 2018


By Olivia Lucas-Ulyat

When purchasing a new kitchen, there are a lot of big decisions to be made, from budgets to colours; appliances to accessories.
We have rounded up the latest ‘Must Have’ appliances for your kitchen in 2018.

5 IN 1 TAP

Available from Zip Water

Most of us have heard for the 3 in 1 hot tap, but new to the block is the 5 in 1.
This provides hot, cold, boiling, chilled and now sparkling water.

Featuring a full colour interactive touch screen display command centre with pin code protection, boiling water safety mode, 3 energy saving modes including sensor activated “sleep when its dark”, 0.2 micron water filtration and 1 disposable CO2 cylinder.
With six different tap designs and 12 different finishes, this tap really will suit the needs of any kitchen.

Zip Water 5-in-1 Tap

Image from Zip Water


Available from Fisher & Paykel

Cool drawers provide a multifunctional cooling space.
With five different temperature settings, you can effortlessly turn your drawer from a freezer to a drinks cooler.

This versatile drawer can be placed anywhere from the kitchen to your entertainment areas, and beyond.
These drawers can be integrated into your kitchen or can be provided with a stainless steel front.

Fisher & Paykel Cool Drawer

Image from a recent Four Corners customer photoshoot


Available from Fisher & Paykel

The Fisher and Paykel double dishwasher drawer enables you to wash one drawer at a time or both together. With the same 12 place settings as an average dishwasher model, the flexible racking allows you to customise internal shelves to suit your needs. The single dishwasher drawer suits the more compact kitchen still keeping enough room for tall dishes.

Dishwasher drawers are on display in our Broadway showroom. Directions and opening times can be found here.

Dishwasher Drawers from Fisher & Paykel
Dishwasher Drawers from Fisher & Paykel


Available from Miele

Hobs – particularly on an island – present a design challenge for people seeking an open plan look. Extractor canopies can be stylish but aren’t always the solution you need. Hobs with built in extraction can be ducted out under the floor or recirculated.

Counter top hobs with a built in extractor provide the perfect cooking solution, especially for the preferred ‘open plan’ living spaces, where canopy extraction spoils the flow of the room.

Our Broadway showroom features the Bora hob which offers a similar solution.
Directions and opening times for our Broadway showroom can be found here.

Miele Indiction Hob With Venting
Miele Induction Hob with Venting


Available from Miele

 Miele’s wifi enabled Dialog oven cooks your food with electromagnetic waves, but should not be confused for a microwave.

Miele promise their electro-magnetic ovens will give a much more even cooking experience, without the outside of your food drying out. Combine this with the ability to control the oven by WiFi and this is the start of a new generation of kitchen appliances.

The oven will also work with a handy app that will let you browse recipes and send instructions to the oven through Wifi.


Available from Hello egg

The Hello egg is the new ‘side kick’ for the kitchen. Hello egg provides step by step voice navigated video recipes and makes meal planning and shopping smart and more flexible. The hello egg includes an internal projection screen and a personality to match.

Using the support of cooking experts the Hello egg can answer any cooking related queries you may have. The device can also read you the news, provide weather forecasts and set multiple timers all while your whipping up your next meal.


Available from Samsung

The Samsung smart fridge is marketed as being more than a fridge, but the family hub.

This device enables you to shop from your refrigerator door, sync shopping lists to your fridge and with three cameras inside the fridge, it enables you to check the contents from anywhere on your phone. You can also set expiration notifications so you know when you need to do your next shop.


Available from AEG

The new Comfort lift Dishwasher from AEG allows you to gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards. Enabling you to load the bottom tray of the dishwasher in comfort by raising it up to a higher level avoiding any discomfort by bending down. The cutting edge technology of this appliance has been awarded an esteemed red dot award.

AEG Lift Up Dishwasher


We are looking forward to working on more projects involving the latest technology and innovations as we go further into 2018.

If you’re considering an exciting new project in your home, from forward thinking kitchens to traditional wooden furniture, we would love to hear from you!

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