Four Corners Favourite Projects of 2017

Favourite Projects of 2017

2017 saw another incredibly busy year for us here at Four Corners, with a stunning array of projects, from bespoke kitchens to contemporary staircases and even a custom built gin bar!

We have had a great time designing bespoke pieces for our customers and really getting to know what it is they want from their project. Whether it’s a place to store an incredible amount of gin; making use of available space and features, or handy built-in storage solutions our designers love to explore the possibilities and push the boundaries to ensure your project is as unique as you are.

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite projects from 2017

White Country Kitchen

From soft, earthy country kitchens to a more contemporary feel, this white painted kitchen shows how monotones can work when paired with a classic statement piece such as the AGA range cooker featured. The light units contrast well with the oak floor and dark stone worktops – the minimal tiling behind the AGA effortlessly brings it all together, creating a versatile working space.

More information on our bespoke kitchens can be found in our Kitchens brochure – Download Here

Four Corners White Country Kitchen
Four Corners White Country Kitchen

Red Country Kitchen

We choose to feature this particular kitchen as it shows how space can be utilised for a family kitchen. We have designed this Quaker kitchen in harmony with the existing beams of the room, factoring in how storage solutions will fit around these and how the kitchen will flow as one. The country kitchen has been hand painted using Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon and Farrow & Ball Radicchio Red. The mix of earthy and soft colours compliment the oak and stone worktops.

Four Corners Red Country Kitchen
Four Corners Red Country Kitchen
Four Corners Red Country Kitchen

Library Gin Bar

We love the uniqueness of this project – the library unit that keeps on giving. The sliding original, antique mirror conceals a secret gin bar. Perfect for creating different looks within the same piece of furniture, a library and antique mirror by day, and an open bar by night, The ultimate statement piece for any home. This bespoke oak library has been specifically aged and distressed, to blend with the rest of the furniture already within in the library.

Four Corners Bespoke Gin Bar

Library and antique mirror by day …

Four Corners Bespoke Gin Bar

… Gin bar by night

Bespoke TV Unit

This sleek custom designed oak unit shows off our bespoke curved doors and contemporary lines – a great way to enhance your living room. This unit is grey oil finished to enhance the look of the natural wood.

Four Corners TV Unit

Contemporary Staircase and Kitchen

This was a fantastic project to have taken part in and a privilege to be selected for. The custom designed oak staircase winds around the central brick pillar – leading onto an open plan hand painted kitchen. The wood finish of the stairs is complemented further by the wooden handles present in the fitted kitchen.

More information about our bespoke, fitted staircases can be found in our Fitted Brochure – Download Here Corners Bespoke Staircase & Kitchen
Four Corners Bespoke Staircase & Kitchen
Four Corners Bespoke Staircase & Kitchen

Dark to Light Kitchen

The contrast between light and dark units really opens this kitchen up. The slick Dekton worktops give a contemporary edge to a classic design.The monotones give this kitchen a classic feel that will last for decades to come. The use of spotlights in conjunction with the skylights, gives this project a much lighter and airier feel. We love the contrast between bright light and drastic dark in this kitchen and would love to cook here.

Four Corners Light to Dark Kitchen

During fitting – Before

Four Corners Light to Dark Kitchen

Completed kitchen – After

Fitted Painted Office

This classy painted fitted office curves naturally around the room, seamlessly incorporating the window within the fitting. This stylish office set up provides the customer with plenty of space for storage within a classic design. The units are painted in Old White from Farrow & Ball, blending beautifully with the grey oak worktops.

Great Storage Solution

This oak drawer storage unit has been cut discreetly into the wall to save space in the room, offering a unique storage solution. Perfect for homes where storage poses a problem to the room layout. The oiled finish and finger pull handles ensure the piece stays modern and fresh for years to come.

Four Corners Fitted Office
Four Corners Storage Solution

Luxury Painted Dressing Table

This high end dressing table is slick and luxurious, hand painted in neutral tones to blend in with the calm feeling created in the room.The light toned, velvet stool adds to the luxury feel of the room, with the tri-fold mirror enhancing the light of the room further. A glass surface enhances the piece and protects the wood on top of the table.

Four Corners Luxury Dressing Table
Four Corners Luxury Dressing Table

Oak Dressing Room

This extraordinary dressing room has bespoke, fitted wardrobes on all sides of the room with a dressing bench in the centre, offering further storage solutions for our client. The wooden finish of this dressing room proudly stands out against the light tones of the room. This project answered all the needs of our client perfectly.

Four Corners Bespoke Dressing Room
Four Corners Bespoke Dressing Room
Four Corners Bespoke Dressing Room

Luxury Painted Wardrobe

The two wardrobes frame the dressing table perfectly creating a lovely dressing space within the bedroom. Hand painted in neutral tones adding to the clean, calming feel of the room, this piece has been custom designed to take into account the awkward space presented by the original design of the wall, working harmoniously with this as a finished piece. This hand painted wardrobe also features a glass top to protect the wood of the table.

Painted Curved Wardrobe

A stunning example of our work and how different ideas can be combined to create a bespoke piece. We especially love the way the curved door leads onto the dressing bench, offering our client further storage solutions that utilise the space. All painted in a light grey to harmoniously blend with the laid back feel of the room, making sure the original beams offer contrast within the room.

Four Corners Luxury Painted Wardrobe
Four Corners Painted Curved Wardrobe

Like what you see?

We are looking forward to working on more diverse projects in 2018, from the classic to the extraordinary, to the innovative and everything in between. Our team love the challenges presented by different shapes of each home and working with these to create the perfect living space.

If you’re considering a project in your home, whether it’s a brand new fitted kitchen or a bespoke piece of fitted furniture – we would love to hear from you!

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