Four Corners Winter Design Trends 2017

December Trends & Gift Ideas 2017

It’s that time of year once more, festivities are in full swing, decorations are going up and gifts need to be bought.

At Four Corners, we understand the importance of trends this season and how these will affect the gifts you buy for your loved ones.
To help, we’ve put together a handy list for the festive season, tracking the current trends and offering gift options all of which are available to buy in our Broadway and Stratford Showrooms.

Top 5 Seasonal Christmas Decoration Trends for 2017

Natural colours with glitter and sparkle

Since London Fashion Week earlier this year, glitter and sparkle has emerged as a growing trend, expanding across fashion and interiors thanks to Gucci and Marc Jacobs. When paired with natural interior colours, the trend takes on a more paired back, adult stylish feel.

To achieve this trend at home, we recommend using textured neutral tones with champagne, silver and white.

Golden festive decorations

Incorporate the trend into your festive decor

Glitter tree and penguin

Neutrally toned decorations pair perfectly with sparkly trees

Wooden gold santa

Wooden textures add a natural look, topped with gold for a festive touch


Stag related goods are continuing to be popular as we enter into the 2017 festive season. Having emerged slowly, the stags head trend continues to remain popular – especially across interiors and gifting.

The great part about the stags head trend is that, stags heads work all year round. From mugs, to wallpaper, to cushions, to fake wall mounted deer heads there is something for everyone within every price range. As it is a growing year round trend, it’s definitely worth spending that little extra for pieces that will work beautifully in your home for the coming year.

Stag Table in Stratford

This fantastic stag table can be found at the Four Corners showroom in Stratford

Stag Themed Children's Room

Children’s rooms are the perfect place for softer stag furnishings

Reindeers in Broadway

Our Reindeer eagerly await visitors to the Broadway showroom


The stars trend has been steadily growing in popularity since it first graced the catwalks earlier this year. The trend has since evolved and inspired prints, patterns, graphics and appliques making the transition from catwalks to interiors effortless.
Stars have always been a favourite at Christmas thanks to the prominent biblical mention of following stars in the nativity story.

Stars have adorned the tops of countless trees for many years. This year, more star related interior furnishings will be available – look out for constellation map prints, cushions, bedspreads and decorations. Battery powered, illuminated copper stars are already proving very popular so far this season.

Rustic Wooden Star

Wooden stars make perfect rustic decorations

Santa on a Star

Make your stars more festive by adding a playful Santa to each

Illuminated Copper Star

Illuminated copper stars are already popular this season

Stag Figure and Star

Mix trends by pairing illuminated stars with stag figures


Thanks to the incredible success of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, penguins have seen another rise in popularity this festive season.

Penguins have always been a firm favourite for festive jumpers and snow globe decorations over the years. This year, there is an abundance of penguin themed gifts, decorations and wrapping paper available to help your home channel the feathered winter bird trend.


Another bird has made it into our top 5 seasonal decoration trends this year. The humble robin has been a regular Christmas staple for many years and has only grown in popularity this year, much like the stars and penguin trends mentioned elsewhere in our top 5.

The robin themed trend, like the stars trend has broadened out into prints, graphics and soft interior furnishings. Think soft robin decorations and small decorative cushions adorned with the classic little Christmas bird, this trend works particularly well with the traditional red and green colours associated with Christmas. Similar to the stag themed trend, robins are becoming another year round feature, meaning you can also spend that little extra on robin themed items that will last the coming year in your home.

Penguins in Broadway

Penguins waiting for Christmas at the Broadway showroom

Handmade Penguin

Add a rustic feel to your festive decor with handmade penguin decorations

Handmade Christmas robin

Handmade felt robins pair perfectly with the rich red colours of Christmas

Neutral Robin

The natural trend can be applied to handmade robins too

If you have visited our Stratford or Broadway showrooms before, you will be familiar with the beautiful gifts for the home that we sell all year round. Christmas is no exception and we feature a unique range of gift ideas that are suitable for all ages.

Top 5 Christmas Gift Guide from Four Corners


Our home giftware customers eternal favourite – the jug makes a great gift. Add to someone’s collection or, looking for a statement piece of pottery to add a certain something to a room.

At our showrooms, we offer a range of colours and styles to suit all tastes. Add your own personal touch with real or, beautifully crafted artificial flowers.

Artificial Flowers

Beautiful artificial flowers make the perfect, year round, addition to any home and also make an ideal gift for those hard to buy for people on your Christmas list. For the festive season, we recommend opting for seasonal blooms such as the Amaryllis as these can also work all year around as an artificial bloom. For more festive touch that can be bought out for many Christmasses to come, we recommend going for frosted or glittery stems to add some further Christmas cheer to your home while also being on the glitter and sparkle trend.

Christmas tree with jug and flowers

White trees and flowers in jugs for sale at our Stratford showroom

Artificial flowers and jug

Jugs & artificial flowers pair well together

Flowers in jug

Jugs are perfect for filling with flowers this festive season

Modern, Clean Jug

Clean, sleek lines make this jug a timeless addition to any home


The vases available in our showrooms come in a fantastic range of shapes and sizes which makes picking the perfect gift for your recipient a breeze.

Vases are perfect for adding a touch of interior brightness to your home and, like the jugs and artificial flowers on our list, work all year round in your home. We recommend choosing a favourite colour or staying on trend by choosing a neutrally coloured vase with a textured finish. This adds an effortless interior designed touch to any home.

Vases at Four Corners

Neutral vases on display at the Broadway showroom

Vases at Four Corners

Rounded vases offer more space for displaying blooms

Vases at Four Corners

Large vases create a beautiful focal point in any home

Tapas Serving Bowls & Platters

Thanks to the steadily growing popularity of travel cookery shows on television, tapas serving bowls and platters have grown in popularity in England as people are looking to add a touch of the Mediterranean to their homes. These bowls and platters are a stylish and thoughtful gift for any enthusiastic cooks or keen travellers you may have on your Christmas list. Be sure to add a jar of delicious olives or antipasti for the perfect, ready to go, gift.


Continuing with the Mediterranean theme, artichokes have been quietly rising in popularity – and not just the edible kind. Terracotta artichokes have been a popular gifting idea this Christmas. A gift we are sure will prove popular with enthusiastic cooks, and maybe even artichoke loving vegetarians and vegans you may have on your Christmas list this year. Look out for these terracotta delicacies in a neutral or bright shade, to add a delicate texture to any mantlepiece or shelf in your home.

Tapas Serving Dish

Small, decorated ceramic bowls are perfect for Tapas

Tapas serving board

Serve up Tapas on wooden boards for a rustic feel

Decorative Artichokes

Display artichokes for a bold centerpiece

Decorative Artichokes

Incorporate a glass vase to show off the whole artichoke

To view the trends or to purchase the gifting ideas we have mentioned above, please pop by either our Broadway or Stratford showroom before Christmas.

Our gift ideas are incredibly popular and sell out fast. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! We recommend getting down to either of our showrooms as soon as possible if anything in our list has caught your eye.

You can check availability of specific items by calling our showrooms on the relevant numbers – found on our contact page.
We look forward to welcoming you into our showrooms this festive season.