We’re a family business based in the Cotswolds, with over 50 years experience in kitchen design and cabinet making.
Our passion is design, craft and character.

We want the kitchens and furniture we craft to become a well loved feature in your home, lasting a lifetime in fact the wood and joints of your cabinets are guaranteed for 25 years. Our wooden units are either painted or naturally nished with oils. Painted nishes are very popular and available in any colour. Natural nishes show wood with lots of character, each piece has interesting grain and is as unique as the trees it has been crafted from.

We are proud of our ability to design a kitchen with you that will be the heart of your home. We take time to understand your needs and, with a watchful eye on your budget, design your kitchen including bespoke pieces that make your kitchen uniquely yours.

Detail of Quaker oak drawers

Detail of Quaker oak drawers

Detail of Quaker oak drawers

We’d have to go back nearly 40 years to discover the acorn from which Four Corners has grown.

James’s father David set up Ashworth’s Country Workshop, a cabinet makers crafting traditional pine furniture using time honoured techniques. Quickly it became a family concern with Mum Sue as chief cook, bottle washer and delivery woman as well as designer of kitchens. Growing up around the family business perhaps it was always inevitable one of their sons would get the furniture bug. It was James who realised, one month into his job as a stockbroker in the Square Mile his future was in dovetail joints.

David began to make furniture outside the UK as costs of wood and labour spiralled. In Romania he found amazing, sensitively managed forests and people happy to learn how to craft furniture using our traditional techniques including dovetail and mortice & tenon joints.

When James and David set up Four Corners in 1999 it was obvious to both of them the furniture should be made in Romania and that Sue should design the kitchens. She was relieved to nd James was happy to do the deliveries!

The Carpathian Alps Romania

Broadway showroom & design dept.

The Carpathian Alps Romania

In the Carpathian Alps Romania they bought a dairy farm, converted it to a workshop with state of the art tools; bought their own kiln to dry the wood and employed Doina and Cristi Stania whom David met in his rst forays into Romania. Doina and Cristi now have 40 skilled craftsmen & women working for us. James visits every month. Having our own workshop means we can control the quality and have the exibility to offer bespoke kitchens and furniture.

The trees we use have been individually chosen and there is a no clear felling policy. These logs are often pulled out by horse to minimise ecological damage. We want our kitchens and furniture to be as eco-friendly as it can be. In crafting the furniture we end up with lots of off cuts and saw dust. None of it is wasted. The off cuts heat our workshop and are now available in our stores for your home too; the sawdust keeps the local tomato plants warm. Keeping it green we have recently designed and built solar powered kilns to dry our wood.

Once the kitchens and furniture have been crafted it is hand nished to our customer’s requirements or primed ready for hand painting and then carefully bubble wrapped awaiting shipment to us in the Cotswolds. We are proud of our British Heritage and our Romanian craft.

David and Sue, in the meantime, have decided to retire and spend their well earned rest sailing, playing tennis and enjoying the next generation already obsessed with wood, glue and tools. Sue hasn’t entirely escaped just yet as she’s still on hand for advice on kitchen design. James is supported by a great team front of house as well as behind the scenes at both our showrooms including his wife

Lisa who, as the next generation of bottle washer, runs our Broadway showroom.